Living Under The Mighty Hand of God

Our image of pride may be one of a person at the gym trying to show off, or someone who's wealthy and wants everyone to know by all of the worldly things they possess.  Even though this is an obvious example, there are much more subtle ways that pride can take hold of our lives and daily actions.  We can have prideful thoughts that influence and direct our actions. Pride can even take credit for something God deserves glory for. 

It is important to look much deeper into what pride is and to understand what living in humility means.  1 Peter 5:5 says that "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble," and that only He can truly exalt us. The most dangerous form of pride can be one that many times no one notices. It keeps us from God's best.  It guides you away from God and towards your own ability, which can lead to pain and suffering.  

Verse 7 of 1 Peter 5 shows that anxiety is a factor in how we function as people. Anxiety can come as an affect of the daily strains and obligations of family life or pressures of a job, even bills that need to be paid.  These cares can become more than one can bare at times. Some may try and run from these cares or dump them off on someone else. You must fully surrender your will and worries to your Heavenly Father.  God never intended for us to function alone.  Don't let pride get in the way of carrying a lighter load of burdens.  Allow God and His church to share in your burdens and to offload some unnecessary worry today (Psalm 55:22). Anxiety may be a symptom of not being fully surrendered to Jesus.  

The Bible goes on to tell us in 1 Peter 5 that there are ways to help us accomplish this. We need to be sober-minded and watchful, especially of our adversary the devil. Being sober-minded is being calm, collected, aware of all your surroundings and its potential consequences.  I'm reminded of walking through my yard on a typical Florida day and seeing a snake that I can't confirm is poisonous or not. It leaves my sight and I cannot see it anymore. For the next few days I walk in the yard extra carefully and vigilant, not to accidentally step on the snake and be bitten.  It's not fear driving me, but a sense of awareness. We should not give the devil more credit than he deserves for our distress.  If we resist him and stand firm in our faith, God's grace will keep us established in Him (vs 9). Many times it's our own pride of not being able to let something go. 

So how do we fight it?

Stand firm in your faith by boldly proclaiming God's Word is true in your daily life. Worship God and remind the devil he is not welcome in your life, your family, or anywhere near your mind.  Speak out loud with boldness to silence the accuser. This intense faith should be matched by an intense and sincere humble spirit that keeps pride at bay and God ever present.  Pride leads to a fall and destruction (Proverbs 16:18).  It drowns out Gods direction and presence.  Live out these verses today and you can fight the devil and win.