More Than An Employee

Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might."


Our beliefs about work are grounded in Scripture ( Gen 2:15). It is something God had intentions for and understanding of before man's fall. At some point in our history, man has removed the connection.  It can be a curse if our heart is not in the right place. What makes your job significant? What makes it valuable? Are you even looking at it with value? One third of your life will be spent at work. There needs to be an evaluation of how we are stewarding this facet of our lives. We have an opportunity to bear great fruit for eternity and to glorify God, or we have an opportunity to waste a valuable amount of time. 

Your ability to have influence is greater than you realize. What you do at work is a reflection of the God you serve. What are you currently reflecting? Your job may not be labeled "Christian" or have an environment that is holy, but does that mean you shouldn't live for Jesus while working? There shouldn't be a secular vs. sacred type of view with work. Our work should be a means of worship to God. When we are not worshiping God through our work, it becomes idolatry.  It can be a source of pride. It can even be a source of frustration rooted in ungratefulness. 

As followers of Jesus, we are to go beyond our job descriptions to fully define who we are.  When we do this, we become a blessing to those around us at work. The opposite affect is potentially becoming a liability or burden. We can look at work in a selfish way. You may be working a job that you don't want to be in. Your perspective needs to change, even if you're in a job that is not your long term goal. Whatever job you have in mind for the future will not change your poor attitude if your heart doesn't change first.  You'll carry your disappointments from job to job. 

Work is an actual act of worship. When you look at it this way, you can begin to see the potential influence you'll have on your environment. We are called to live on mission to our city and to all the places our feet tread.  By seeing that work is worship, the hope is you'll work as unto the Lord and with all your might. You should be one of the hardest working employees at your job. By standing out through your work ethic and dedication, you will have opportunities to share the love of Jesus.  He will get all the glory through your testimony.                                                                                                                                       

Sometimes it's hard to keep ourselves accountable to this view of work. Joining a Missional Community could be a great way to have others come around you to hold you to the gospel standards!