Sunday Gathering Changes

Dear Church Family, 

To begin with, I am so proud of you. I am constantly bragging on you and sharing story after story of God’s grace! I wanted to share with you some minor changes we are making to our gatherings starting this weekend at The District Church. Joshua Wicker and I have been praying and thinking for a while now about the order of our liturgy and gatherings. We’ve decided upon a few changes we are going to make for the next season of life at our church. 

Monthly Schedule Changes

Baptism: 1st Sunday of every month

We have more non-Christians attending our gatherings now than we’ve had in the past! We praise God for this, and are eager for more of our friends and family to meet Jesus. People often ask when the next Baptism opportunity is, and as a staff we’ve decided to make it available on the first Sunday of every month if we have people who need to get baptized! 

Communion: 3rd Sunday of every month

Our hope in this shift to monthly communion is not to make it a lesser focus, but to actually make a greater display and declaration of the Gospel in our church family. We believe we are able to better organize and facilitate communion this way. Joshua and I will be able to plan the music, sermon, and teaching around communion each month. We will also be able to give more time to explain communion, read scriptures about communion, and better serve our church as we explain who communion is for and why we partake. 

Giving GEnerously and Gladly

If you didn’t know, almost 80% of our monthly tithes are given during the week either online or mailed to the church. We’ve realized that many of you have missed opportunities to give each week during our gathering because you don’t carry cash or a checkbook. We are adding a giving station in our lobby so you will have an opportunity to give online on Sundays. Each week, at the close of our gatherings, we will invite you to respond through giving at the new stations. There will also be literature available about our generosity efforts and monthly financial updates. 

Sunday Gathering Liturgy - What to Expect

    •    Adoration and Worship in song

    •    Sermon: Explaining and applying the Gospel through preaching

    •    Response Time: Gospel invitations

    •    Absolution and worship in song 

    •    Celebration and Benediction

I am truly grateful and honored that I get to be a pastor at The District Church! I love you dearly and write with great expectation of what Jesus is going to do in our city and world through you!!