The Alt-right, Charlottesville, and The Church

This past weekend I was heavily consumed with serving a family in our congregation. However, as I sat on the couch late Saturday night to see the news and world in an uproar over the events in Charlottesville, my heart was broken and saddened over seeing such anger and hatred.

Here's a few thoughts for our people as we look to how to respond: 

#1 - The events in Charlottesville are utterly demonic and evil at the core. These events are in opposition of the direction and intention of Jesus’ heart and life. 

#2 - There is no place for this among God’s people, nor is there any place for God’s people to stand on the side line of the conversations about racism, bigotry, and/or any kind of white supremacy. 

#3 - God will get glory through this. His truth will be revealed. His beautiful design of men and women of all races and colors and nations - Genesis 1:26 - stands true: that every man, woman and child is born into His image and likeness. 

#4 - We need to have some serious conversations as a faith community and nation, about the issues of race. We need to get more people of opposing sides to sit together and share meals over why they are filled with hate and fears, and see the commonalities.

#5 - The scary realities of white privilege are evident in the Charlottesville Protest. Let's all stop pretending that it doesn't exist and openly talk through it. 

#6 - Racial tension is probably not going away. That's why the church needs to stand on God's truth about race and see that heaven is full of people from every nation. The church doesn't need to ignore race, but celebrate and honor it. 

#7 - The Alt-Right is NOT an evangelical movement. There is no ground that the position taken could defended from a Biblical perspective or a missional mindset.

So, where do we go from here?

Church family, I'm exhorting you to realize these moments of national attention on key issues will come in waves over and over again. I want our church family to not ride the roller coaster of emotions sparked each time something happens in our country. I want us to constantly and consistently pursue a full gospel perspective that will outlive our nation and time. 

I also desire pursuit of a greater image of the kingdom on earth by speaking against racism and injustice towards people, and learning humility from others on how to demonstrate the gospel in word and deed. 

Come Lord Jesus. Come Quickly. 

But as we wait; let us leverage our voice with your Holy Spirt to preach the gospel, and speak against the sin and evil of a generation that desperately needs you. May we not be silent when our opportunities are given.