Digging Deeper, Going Further


Sunday, Pastor Boyd spent some time casting vision for our next season of ministry as The District Church. We were reminded of our mission to make disciples, and how that will never change. Our vision is to be a church that plants churches to see the gospel spread throughout the nations. Although our mission and vision will never change, strategy may change from time to time. Pastor Boyd introduced us to some key things that we want everyone who calls The District Church home to be a part of:

Gatherings - We want the gathering of the church to be a priority for you and your family. We don’t want it to be a question of whether or not you are going to the church gathering on a Sunday. Instead, we want our gathering to be the highlight of your week. As we come together to bring praise and glory to Jesus, offering thanksgiving for what he has done and responding as he leads us.

Groups - We want you to be in a group. Traditionally, we encouraged you to attend a group in your neighborhood. What we’ve realized is that this didn’t serve some of you well. For some of you, it may be easier to find a group close to work or one in the morning instead of in the evening. Our hope is for every single person at The District Church to be discipled, so we encourage you to just be in a group. And if you are unable to find a group that works for you, we’d love to talk with you about starting a new one!

Giving - We are a generous people because we serve a generous God, who gave it all for us. As a church, we give of our time, finances, and abilities in order to further the mission of Jesus. Consider what it means for you to give sacrificially. As a next step, you can start giving online today. We’d also love for you to consider using the ways God has gifted you by joining a serve team!

Going - Our vision is to be a church that plants churches. Through your generosity, we have been able to help plant over 12 churches across the world. Our hope is that we would raise up men and women to be sent out to plant churches and take the gospel to the nations. We’d love for you to be prayerful about how you can have a ‘going’ mindset. Wherever God has you, he has placed you to be on mission. So whether you’re a teacher or you work in retail, a doctor or you sling doughnuts, know that God has you there for kingdom work.