The Joy of Living Worthy of The Gospel

I want you to know, brothers,that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel. Phil 1:12

Read the latter part of Philippians 1. Are you living with an eager expectation to have Christ honored through your life, no matter what comes your way? Paul was imprisoned as he served in advancing the message of Jesus through the Gospel. This could have easily been looked at as a negative thing that was happening to Paul and to the church in general.  Paul could have easily questioned God. Paul would not let this happen. He knew Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice and suffered for our sake. Suffering was not a new concept to the early church.  What Paul was focused on was advancing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. If it was through imprisonment or being a free man, he knew God would use whatever situation for His glory. Philippians goes on to explain how the gospel advanced in an even greater way through Paul's imprisonment. The church was full of faith.  We need to ask ourselves, what are we doing through our lives to advance the gospel?

It can be easy to live a comfortable life as a Christian. We can get caught up in making “Christian checklists." We do just enough to make us not feel bad, or just enough to not really have to sacrifice any comforts of this life for the gospel. We may never find ourselves in a situation that would imprison us for the sake of the gospel, but we must ask ourselves, are we doing enough? Are we living above a surface level lifestyle as a Christian? This is important because, as Paul describes, we have ample opportunity to bring others joy through faith in Christ. We must live in faith and not fear. 

Phil 1:27 reminds us to let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ. It is possible that you need to change your perspective on life and the gospel. Living a life worthy of the gospel means to be willing to let suffering be a part of your story that leads others to Christ and to use all situations in your life to reflect God's goodness and grace. Our life goals should not be influenced by our desire to live comfortably or stable. They should be influenced to advance the gospel and we trust God we will have compete joy in the outcome.  

Ask yourself, are you living in fear or faith today? What are you dong to advance the gospel? Strive to grow in your faith today and advance the gospel through your life. Pray, and ask God to help you live out your faith with boldness and honor, whether in joy or suffering.