A Kaleidoscope of Joy


As we exit the summer Psalms series and prepare to enter A Kaleidoscope of Joy, which will lead us through the book of Philippians, it’s good to have a proper perspective on the text.

The book of Philippians was written during one of Paul’s imprisonments, years after he planted the original church in Philippi. From the tone of the book, it’s clear that he found much delight in this church; it’s one of the only books without any rebuke or doctrinal correction. The Philippians were marked by generosity in support of Paul’s missionary work and other good fruits of sanctification.

However, despite these high praises for the church, they have very few external reasons to rejoice. There’s an increasing threat from those who would oppose the gospel. Disunity and rivalry are beginning to flare up. One of their main leaders, Epaphroditus, has been on the precipice of death - twice. Even Paul’s imprisonment is reasonable cause for distress.

This is why Paul wrote this letter: to remind the Philippians of their eternal hope and joy in Jesus Christ because of the gospel. This is the central theme we will be highlighting in this series. Despite the great suffering of the Philippians, as well as his own great suffering, Paul continuously brings things back to the joy of serving Jesus and making disciples. He puts everything in perspective; no matter what happens on this earth, our chief joy and delight is in the work of the gospel being accomplished.

The image of a kaleidoscope is a powerful one; you peer through a small hole in a device (the kaleidoscope), and every time you look at it, it’s different. As it turns and pivots, the objects contained within rearrange and reveal themselves differently. So it is with God’s grace - our limited perspective only reveals a portion of his divine plan and purpose, and each turn and pivot in our lives reveals a new image of his infinite grace.

We have four main hopes for the outcome of this campaign:

  1. That we would rest and find great joy in Jesus alone and nothing else.
  2. That we would be known in our city as the most joy-filled people as we are transformed more into the image and likeness of Jesus. 
  3. That we would grow in our awareness that God is producing greater joy in every circumstance of our lives for His glory.
  4. That Jesus would be put on greater display in our city through people finding their greatest joy in the salvation of their souls.

Be sure to join us ready and expectant for how God will transform your heart through His word. Invite your friends who lack hope so they can learn of the ultimate hope and joy that can be found in Jesus alone. Let’s work together to make disciples who make disciples!