Wise Counsel and Pastoral Support

As our church continues to grow and mature, we are experiencing greater complexity and diversity of situations. With that being said, Pastor Jeth and I have appointed a few men to serve our church family in a greater capacity. Right now we aren’t in a position nor have we been around long enough to establish local elders in our congregation, but we have some men whom are faithful to The District Church and want them to serve as prototype elders on a team called The Advisory Team. 

These are men that we’ve walked with for some time and have appointed them to serve our Pastoral Team as an Advisory Team. The men we’ve selected are both younger and older men. The men have different stories that contribute to the greater vision and mission of The District Church. 

Pastor Jeth and I know that in a team dynamic we’ll serve and pastor the people of our church better with mutual submission to wise counsel. We believe we can grow numerically over 300 with having a stronger support. These men willingly have submitted themselves to serve The District Church family by providing wise counsel, accountability, and support to myself and Pastor Jeth. They are going to provide counsel on decisions that affect the church body at large: staffing, facilities, debt, budgets, church discipline, and doctrine. District Church family, know that you are in some good hands and have men whom love you deeply!  

Honored to be your pastor,

Pastor Boyd Bettis