Because of our love for the singles of our city, our pastors wanted to spend time investing intentional time into our singles. Singleness is not a badge of honor nor a shameful identity.

The Dating Conference is going to be less about how-to’s of dating, and more focused on our identity in Christ and how that dictates and determines a lot of our emotions, decisions, and the way we value ourselves.

We wanted to spend the mini-conference encouraging singles in their identity as disciples so that they may see how being single is not a shame, but can be a redemptive time for growth, development. and opportunity. Our prayer is that this time together will be both encouraging and fruitful for you. 

Conference Details: Pastor Boyd and Pastor Jeth will lead 2 separate teaching sessions, followed by a Q&A session. The cost of the conference is $10, which will include your dinner for the evening. The address is 2650 Rosselle Street. For any questions, please email