Too many Christians say they believe that Jesus has forgiven them, but yet they fail to walk in the belief that Jesus really took away all of their sin, shame, condemnation, and guilt at the cross.

Far too many people have a gap in their gospel.
The Gospel Gap: what people say they believe --- to what they practically live out.

Many of us struggle to believe and see the implications of what Jesus meant when he said, “It is Finished.” We say we have experienced grace and forgiveness, but we live our lives motivated by our shame, guilt, condemnation and fears.

My hope for this series is to allow the Holy Spirit to pinpoint specific ways we carry our guilt, hide behind our shame, live in condemnation, and are driven by our fears. This Gospel Gap is all too often not even recognizable for many people.

My hope is that people will truly experience the freedom that God has given us through the gospel. The freedom we can live in and find our greatest rest and joy in. The freedom of not feeling like our shame defines us. The freedom we can live in without condemning ourselves. 

During all four weeks, we’ll be camped out in John 8:2-11. It’s a passage of scripture that has some unique challenges. It has been debated if this text was a part of the original manuscripts or not. Despite the fact if it was or not, it’s in our Bible and there is theological alignment in the text.

Each week we’ll read through the text and address the 4 topics from the text. I’ll preach specifically on how did Jesus dealt with the woman’s fear, guilt, shame and condemnation. During our Missional Communities, we’ll look at the big ideas as well with supporting scriptures from the Bible.