Jesus was the ultimate example of being a servant. Serving is an essential part of being a disciple. A good indication of our spiritual health is our concern and awareness of the needs of those around us.  That includes those in the body of Christ, the church. One of the first ways God uses us as believers is through the needs of the church. The church itself consist of more than listening to the pastor preach or the musicians play music. It is directing traffic, holding babies, shaking hands, teaching kids, and so on. Contributing to the work of God is life changing. 

We are a community of believers. In communities we benefit from the local prosperity, but we also contribute as God calls and leads.  Once you are established in the local church and decide to call it home, one of the next steps is to get involved in what it is doing.  Serving also goes beyond church. It should flow in to every aspect of our lives, always looking for opportunities to be a blessing. The foundation of that heart of service begins at your local fellowship. Serving as a body of believers, building community, will prove to be a vital part of your spiritual well being. 

Galatians 6:10, Romans 12:1, 1 Sam 12:24, John 12:26, 1 Cor 12:7

We believe that our proper response as disciples is to Serve Selflessly.  At The District Church we want you to have plenty of opportunities to serve others on Sundays and during the week, so join a serve team today! 



Our commitment to our city is highly focused on investing financial and moral support to our public schools. Currently we are committed to serving:

  • Lee High School

  • Ruth Upson Elementary

  • West Riverside Elementary

  • Central Riverside Elementary


If you are interested in becoming a mentor or investing time during week into one of our schools, let us know! Our priority right now is getting mentors involved at Lee High School.